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Once you have decided on your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, it can be all too easy to go no further than the basic setup that meets your immediate needs. That’s all well and good but we go further to ensure the success of your investment.


Organise a demonstration to see how Act! can be used for your business

Installation and Implementation

Needs analysis, database confituration and deployment, synchronisation, mobile access, web access


Whether you’re an Act! beginner or are looking to take your existing knowledge and skills to the next level, Action CRM can help you make the most of your investment

Marketing Assistance

Learn to design personalised communications. Drip marketing, Template creation, campaign management and analysis.

Technical Support

When things don't go right, it's good to know that you can reach out to an expert to help you get back on track with your business. Access via phone, email or remote access to your machine using the latest technology to solve your problem.

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